As part of my MBA thesis, I worked with a team of four other designers and design strategists from the MBA program at California College of the Arts to develop a business concept, create a brand and execute an identity, and deliver a fully comprehensive business plan. 

We came up with ANEW—a mail in service that brings back into your wardrobe by making your unworn clothes wearable again. We solve the back-of-closet problem that many of us face by repairing, redesigning, reworking, and repurposing garments that we can't bear to get rid of but go unworn in the dark depths of our closets. ANEW's purpose is not only to bring new life to clothes but also to bring new life to the relationships we have with them. We aim to change the way we think about, shop for, and interact our wardrobes so that each purchase we make is intentional. 

Thank you to Allison Cooper, Alex Rosandick, Chrissy Charlton, and Emil Alex for putting the 'dream' in dream team and taking ANEW far further than we ever thought possible.

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