As part of my MBA Experience Studio, I worked with a team of three other designers and design strategists from the MBA program at California College of the Arts to develop a business concept, research and prototype our concept, create a brand, and finally, launch it as a temporary retail experience. 

We came up with 'Dirtbag'β€”an herb nursery where customers learn about the characteristics and maintenance of herbs through taste and smell. At our retail pop-up shop, customers sipped on herb infused water and rated their flavors using our digital, interactive countertop. Customers could then purchase their own "dirtbag" with the herb of their choice and get set up on our mobile interface. This interface connected to a smart device embedded in the herb's soil and communicated the specific needs of the plant.

Thank you to Allison Cooper, Alex Rosandick, and Emil Alex for putting up with 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus on repeat.

dirtbag (1).png


Our process included months of research, prototyping, testing, revising, buying herbs, sewing dirtbags, and more. We started by creating a customer journey map (above) of the current nursery retail experience based on field research and user intercepts. 

We then created three physical, full-scale prototypes of our concept/pop-up shop and tested it on real customers and one small-scale prototype of our pop-up shop to understand the design and logistics of the physical build.

We developed a brand, identity, messaging, product, interactive UI/UX interface and digital platform, and physical retail space. The final output was a pop-up shop with real customers, real herbs, and one hundred branded dirtbags designed, prototyped, and "manufactured" by us!