Information was on of the last publications created for the MFA thesis titled Unmaking. No software or machine vision tools were used in any part of the deconstruction or construction of this publication. One of the initial intentions of the entire Unmaking thesis was to remove everything but text from an entire issue of Vogue. The first attempt at this was through erasing everything around all of the text of a single page using Photoshop. After the machine was introduced into the process, the machine's illegible output became more interesting rather than simply trying to retain only undamaged typographic forms.

The machine was supposed to make the process of detecting and erasing everything but text easier and faster. While Information was not created through the same initial pre-machine process of erasing through Photoshop, popular graphic design software was used as the method. In terms of efficiency, it took the same amount of time using this method as opposed to previous methods used within Unmaking such as sifting through data of the machine's glitched output.