Rewind Redact No 1


This issue is a record of the written and editorial content in the 2016 September issue of Vogue Paris according to a machine vision tool. The machine was given a digital PDF of the publication and instructed to detect and erase all representation in the form of imagery and photographs. The output was error in that the machine erased some of the type and parts of individual letters. It also left behind whole or fragmented images. The dataset was then organized into three volumes of Rewind - Redact based on type and content, logos, and imagery.

While the output of the machine is seemingly glitched, the machine itself is not. The machine is neutral, therefore suggesting that perhaps it is not the inaccuracy of the machine but the inaccuracy of perceptions of visual form. The machine is able to detect similarities beyond the capacity of the human mind. Each volume of Rewind - Redact presents an atomization of what makes up a single visual culture. While Volume No. 1 features only left behind type and content, remnants of what have been erased or removed still exist. It is not the similarities among font of the treatment of the type within Vogue but the entire visual system that the machine reads it as.