Vogue Machine Vol 02


The contents within the second volume of Vogue Machine are directly outputted through the machine and machine vision tools. The designer made no changes to any of the formal content. The digital machine-generated publication was exported and each page was placed in sequence to be formatted for print. The only aspect designed was the cover.

The machine vision tool used to generate the content for this publication was an Extremal Region Filter. Extremal Region Filters (ERF)* are used in computer vision as a method of blob detection in images. The technique involves finding correspondences between image elements from two different colorless images with different viewpoints. Regions are defined by the intensity within the region compared to the out border.

*Coen-Porisini, Alberto, and Andre Van Der. Hoek. Software Engineering and Middleware: Third International Workshop, SEM 2002, Orlando, FL, USA, May 20-21, 2002: Revised Papers. Berlin: Springer, 2003. Print.